Beam Me Up Bagels are real bagels.

Made with NZ grown grains, each one is hand-rolled and kettle boiled in the New York tradition.  

In 2014 we applied to the local farmers market and opened a small food stall selling our own hand-rolled bagels and made to order bagel sandwiches. Two years later, we opened our own little bagel shop on North Road, in North East Valley just along from the beautiful Botanical Gardens. Although we are no longer at the farmers market we are open here 7 days.

Bagels fresh from a hot oven each day, bagged up to enjoy at home or as delicious sandwiches made to order. Our menu, like our name has a tongue in cheek sci-fi theme that is sure to amuse and delight. With a seasonal focus, using free-range meats, locally farmed salmon, NZ made organic cream cheese, fresh local produce and greens, sourced from the local farmers market. 

So if have an urge for a real bagel fix, stop by.  Our bagels are sure to teleport your taste buds!