Beam Me Up Bagels are real bagels, with a tasty kiwi style fitting perfectly between it's New York and Montreal cousins.

Each bagel is lovingly hand-rolled and we use minimal yeast relying instead on a slow, cold rise to develop the flavours over 18 hours. They are then boiled in a blend Dunedin's own malt before being baked in a hot oven, this is what gives them their delicious taste and signature chewy texture.

We have long lamented the lack of freshly baked authentic bagels available down here in the South. This venture for us is about bringing freshly baked bagels to Otago and about sharing our passion for delicious, wholesome food.

Every Saturday morning we sell our freshly baked bagels at the local Otago Farmers Market at the Dunedin Railway Station and we also have a Bagel Shop open 7 days at 9 North road in North East Valley serving bagels straight from the oven.

We sell them unfilled as single item or by the half dozen as well as offering them toasted up and topped with the most delicious spreads as a grab and eat option to enjoy there. The toppings are rustic and generous, showing off the truly amazing local produce we have right on our doorstep, especially those also available from the market. A  list of all our ingredients and the local products we use can be found here alongside our Menu.